Web Application for Relational Database

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  We have released a test version of WARD. This version is basically for all those who wish to see
progress of WARD and who can give us their valueable feedback. Although this version of WARD contains
some bugs but it is fully functional for viewing/inserting database records, inserting through queries etc.
Some work has been done on the SGA usage and ER diagram part of WARD. The installation of WARD is extremly

In case you have any problems using ward please see the faq.
If it doesnt get solved you are welcome to mail us at javapandit@users.sourceforge.net

PLEASE do send us your valueble feedback, constructive criticism , bugs , feature request.

WARD File Name Download
ward-test-0.1.zip Download

After dowloading WARD please follow these simple steps:

1. Set up ward

Go to {installdir}/ward and do "ant setup" and it does all the tasks for you!!.
If you dont have ant please get ANT

2. Run Ward

You just have to do "ant run" from the same directory ({installdir}/ward). BUT before
running WARD please make sure you have copied all the drivers you need to the {installdir}/deploy/drivers
For oracle you need classes12.zip you can get it here http://otn.oracle.com/software/content.html It is under heading Oracle JDBC Drivers (file name is classes12.zip)

3. Connect To Database

After the WARD has started you should see this messages in console.

[java] Thread-0 19:38:26 INFO root - 2003-08-23 07:38:26 - PoolTcpConnector: Starting HttpConnectionHandler on 8080
[java] Thread-0 19:38:26 INFO root - 2003-08-23 07:38:26 - PoolTcpConnector: Starting Ajp12ConnectionHandler on 8009

This means ward has succesfully started.
Now you can connect to http://localhost:8080/ward/action or machinename instead of localhost
if its on some other machine.

For connecting to database you need to use the URL specific to that database for ex.
Oracle needs url in this form:-     jdbc:oracle:thin:@server:port:dbname
MySql needs url in this form:-    jdbc:mysql://server/dbname

Do You Feel this project is worth enough to put your efforts in ? then visit us at