Web Application for Relational Database

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  WARD is a open source, web based database client which is developed with a motto of "Install at one place, Use from any Where".
It provides web based access to any JDBC complaint database. In addtion to standard tabular operations such as viewing,
modification, insertion, it also offers additional (DB Specific) features such as ER-Diagram, SGA usage , Charts, Graphs etc

WARD can also be used as standalone database client, but its power lies in its ablitly to provide multiple user access.
It is very usefull in situations where mutilple users are accessing a single or muliple databases and each user has installed a
seperate database client. WARD can subsitute all these client and can be installed on a single machine, and all users can access
it through browser.

WARD provides a very efficient caching mechanism. It is highly configurable and ITS FREE!!

Do you feel this project is worth enough to put your efforts in ? then visit us at SourceForge.